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Paranormal Tracks© is a free* Android application your doorway into the world of all things Paranormal.

Our world is full of mysteries, 6 billion years ago, when the earth formed, unknown creatures roamed the earth. Now 6 billion years later humans think we are at the top of the food chain, the superior species among all the others. Are we?

  • Is there a haunted house in your neighbourhood or unlucky places you should avoid?
  • You know the dilemma you have when a particular place that you always have to visit has been said to be haunted? Is it true? Want more proof
  • You pass long-vacated buildings and houses and wonder why.
  • You wonder if the route you drive/walk in is the safest/ best route to take? Or the most interesting?
  • You wonder if paranormal activities you hear about are media-generated stories and want to hear the real experiences contributed by the witness themselves?
  • Have you encountered things that you could not explain?

And ... you have an ANDROID device?

Then we have the perfect app for you!

Introducing - Paranormal Tracks©

Some of the many features of Paranormal Tracks include:

  • Ability to view sightings around your location!
  • Share your own paranormal experience with the world.
  • Read and experience paranormal stories as written by the contributor themselves.
  • View and share pictures from the paranormal world!
  • Be part of the crowd by talking about the most popular paranormal sighting that happened.

Don't wait!

Download this app now (Yes, its FREE!*) to find out more and experience for yourself this first-of-its-kind Paranormal-related application.

There will also be a Premium version**, which will have additional features on top of all the features offered by the Free version. Some of the extra features are:

  • Calendar of events.
  • Notification of updates to sightings.
  • Read and experience paranormal stories as written by the contributor themselves.
  • And more!

* Free version is supported by adverts, please click on some to support the application development.
** Premium version is coming soon.